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Print up to 500mm of HEIGHT and 350mm diameter WIDE. Also, combined with the START/STOP system, you could print in a row fully colored parts. Now you do not need glue anymore!


  • LED lighting.
  • 400 microns resolution. Perfect circles as a delta printer does.
  • 110ºC bed temp.
  • Power_CUT save system
  • LCD touch screen.
  • USB and SD connection GCODE.
  • Full-METAL body.

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Product Description

This is a very reliable professional 3d printer offering to-date from acclaimed delta technology manufacturer for makers, by featuring high-end design-technology for a good performance. It is a closed and easy to use either for beginners or professional makers. Inspired by the open-source delta-bots design, this model offers a high detailled, robust design, and highly resistance materials doing a very reliable 3D printer.

Información adicional
Peso 20 kg
Dimensiones 100 x 30 x 30 cm

1,75 mm, 3 mm


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