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Print up to 350mm of HEIGHT and 280mm diameter WIDE. Nothing change, we kept all our useful system adding new features  you could print in a row fully colored parts. Now you do not need glue anymore!


  • MOBILE controlling.
  • WIFI connection.
  • 400 microns resolution. Perfect circles as a delta printer does.
  • 110ºC bed temp.
  • Power_CUT save system
  • LCD touch screen.
  • USB connection GCODE.
  • Full-METAL body.

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Product Description

This is a new version for the Yv2 2017 3D printer by PANGOO. We redesigned the first model we launch to the maker’s market to improve the product that we started with. Every feature from the previous version has been conserved and we wanted to do small but very significant changes to offer a BETTER and NEW product to you. Rounded, and very detailed material to have a beautiful Delta 3D printer to decorate on the desk of your room.

Información adicional
Peso 20 kg
Dimensiones 100 x 30 x 30 cm

1,75 mm, 3 mm


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