The best way for 3D printing projects.

Design better, faster, and more collaboratively with real-time, interacting with your 3D printing.

PAUSE mode

NOISE reduction

WIFI connection

MOBILE controller

HIGH parts

RESUME system


Print from your SMART phone

We offer to our clients and designers that are looking for next level of 3D printers. Jump in!


dB noise




inch LCD



This is ALL you can DO.

We want offer the best interaction you can feel to design easyly and making trusthory.


With the STOP and RESUME options, you can change different filaments and reload in order to create multi-colored parts.

BIG parts

Print big and high parts with no needing of glue anymore. Now your print will be printed in a row :)

EASY interaction

With just ONE FINGER you will control your 3D printer. Wether if you are in front of it, or simply you are away you will tap on a LCD screen.


In case of a POWER CUT, you won't waste all the whole plastic you used so far. Resume the printing and finish avoiding fails while printing.

DESK printer

With this new version, we redesigned the v1 3D printer to get a more compact and beautiful printer without loosing features.

ADVANCED finishing

We can say this is a trusthory 3D printer not only because it finishes almost the 100% of printings, but for the quality of the smooth surface it creates as 4K definition.

3Dprinting test gallery

Check out all parts you can print with the new pangoo V2, and imagine everything you can do when you get it.

Ready to print with the new pangoo Y?

Print stunning BIG parts and FULLY colored 🌈



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